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  1. third-person singular of pelt

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"Pelts" is the sixth episode of the second season of Masters of Horror based on a short story by F. Paul Wilson.


A story about supernaturally beautiful raccoon pelts (called "pine lights") that cause anyone who seeks to profit by them to commit horrendous acts.
Meat Loaf stars as fur trader Jake Feldman, who finds these beautiful raccoon pelts and makes a coat out of them as a gift for the beautiful dancer Shanna (Ellen Ewusie), so that she will allow him to fulfil his fantasy of having anal intercourse with her. As a result, people end up committing brutal murders and suicides ironic to their positions in relation to the pelts whenever around the pelts.
The story is seen as against the harsh nature of the fur industry, due to director Dario Argento's said-love of animals.


  • Jeb Jameson - First encounters raccoons and crushes one's skull underneath his foot. At night, Larry becomes possessed by the mystic powers of the raccoon pelts and crushes the trapper's head with a baseball bat; delivering a cruel, yet ironic death.
  • Larry Jameson - Slices his face off by placing his head in an animal trap after killing his father with the baseball bat.
  • Sergio - Disembowels himself with scissors.
  • Sue Chin Yao - In charge of sewing the pelts together, Yao is compelled by the pelts to practice her profession on herself. She proceeds to sew up the nostrils in her nose, her eyelids, and her mouth, resulting in her death due to suffocation.
  • Jake - Slices off his own skin to make a vest out of himself for Shanna.
  • Shanna - Blood loss due to the removal of her hand in an elevator.


The DVD was released on February 13, 2007. It was the nineteenth episode to air and the fourteenth to be released on DVD.

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